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Thank goodness Trump gets what Obama failed to grasp on economy

By Liz Peek, opinion contributor,

Remember when Mitt Romney was trashed for saying that “corporations are people?”

President Obama, who claimed to corner the market on compassion, never understood that it is people — consumers, people who manage big companies and people who own smaller firms — that ultimately lead the economy forward.

We are in the midst of an authentic economic boom. Why? Because those same people are making decisions to hire and invest, decisions that emerge from their growing confidence.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), which conducts regular surveys of small business owners, reported this week that optimism among its members in August had hit an all-time high.

Optimism topped the prior record set in 1983, a year in which Ronald Reagan was president and GDP grew at 4.6 percent. What happened next? Growth jumped in 1984 to 7.2 percent.

Soaring optimism and an accelerating economy are extraordinary achievements, especially given that the liberal media is not exactly cheerleading from the sidelines.

Buried in every article reporting that wage growth was the strongest for nine years  or that productivity is finally beginning to increase are dark warnings about the impact of trade conflicts or the threat of looming inflation.         [...more]

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Sen. Bill Nelson is still dodging on Kavanaugh

by Pam Bondi,

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s second superb nominee to the Supreme Court, concluded his Senate confirmation hearings last Friday. Despite witnessing Judge Kavanaugh’s experience, objectivity and credentials to serve on the highest court in the land, Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., has refused to acknowledge his impeccable credentials.

It is disappointing that Florida’s Democratic Senator, Bill Nelson, has not made any good faith efforts to give a brilliant jurist the fair consideration he deserves from the U.S. Senate.

Judge Kavanaugh is undeniably qualified for the Supreme Court bench. His professionalism has been commended by legal scholars, colleagues, and observers from both sides of the aisle. He has spent more than two decades in service to the American people, including in White House roles under former President George W. Bush.

Judge Kavanaugh currently sits on the D.C. Circuit, where he is widely respected for upholding the rule of law. He understands his role as a jurist is to follow the letter of the law rather than legislate from the bench. When he is confirmed as America’s next Supreme Court justice, he will continue to fight for the constitutional rights of all Americans.

Nelson is fighting for reelection in a state that President Trump won in 2016 -- a state where his own party is not sure what Nelson has accomplished in nearly two decades in office. In the midst of another tough reelection battle, he continues to dodge questions about Kavanaugh’s nomination.

At first, Nelson said he would oppose the nominee before he even knew who it was. He later said he would hold off on making a decision on Kavanaugh until actually meeting him. Yet he has even so called Judge Kavanaugh a “right-wing extremist” in fundraising emails.      [...more]